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In-Person 2 Day Intensive Training

Our 2 day DOT SAP Qualification/Requalification training provides in depth instruction on the following subjects:

(i) Background, rationale, and coverage of the Department's drug and alcohol testing program;

 (ii) 49 CFR Part 40 and DOT agency drug and alcohol testing rules;

 (iii) Key DOT drug testing requirements, including collections, laboratory testing, MRO review, and problems in drug testing;

 (iv) Key DOT alcohol testing requirements, including the testing process, the role of BATs and STTs, and problems in alcohol tests;

 (v) SAP qualifications and prohibitions;

 (vi) The role of the SAP in the return-to-duty process, including the initial employee evaluation, referrals for education and/or treatment, the follow-up evaluation, continuing treatment recommendations, and the follow-up testing plan;

 (vii) SAP consultation and communication with employers, MROs, and treatment providers;

 (viii) Reporting and recordkeeping requirements;

 (ix) Issues that SAPs confront in carrying out their duties under the program.

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What you will get in this course?

Our 2 Day Intensive DOT SAP Qualification/Requalification Training gives you an opportunity to learn from your peers, as well as the trainer. This setting lends itself to more discussion and sharing other SAP's experience and cases.

In-Person 2 Day Intensive Course Agendas and Training Dates:


If your organization would like to sponsor an in-person course and provide a training site contact Tamara at

(10 participates minimum required for course to go forward)

Training materials include 3 information packets: #1 Rules and Regulations, #2 Slides and forms, #3 Articles of Interest for SAPs


Day 1:


  • Regulatory framework of 49CFR Part 40,

  • SAP qualifications,

  • Role of designated employer representatives,

  • Challenges in communication,

  • Types of testing – Gatekeeper Tests, Preventative Tests, and Responsive Tests,

  • Regulatory framework of FMCSA Part 382

  • Quizzes

  • Drug test collection, 

  • Testing technology,

  • Testing panel, 

  • Laboratory analysis of samples,

  • Role of the Medical Review Officer.

  • Alcohol test collection,

  • Testing technology.

  • Quizzes.


Day 2:


  • SAP Initial Assessment,

  • FMCSA Clearinghouse,

  • Intake content,

  • Assessment tools,

  • Limits of confidentiality,

  • Determining level of care,

  • Referrals to treatment,

  • Referrals to education,

  • Testing in treatment,

  • SAP Reports,

  • Quizzes,

  • SAP Follow Up Assessment,

  • Monitoring participation,

  • Responses to treatment issues,

  • Consultation with treatment providers,

  • Communication challenges,

  • Role of DOT Qualified Medical Examiners,

  • Assessing compliance,

  • Assessment tools,

  • Continuing care recommendations,

  • Follow up testing plan,

  • SAP reports,

  • Quizzes.

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Where can you find a SAP exam?

Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA)

EAPA offers an on-line examination at $175 for EAPA members and $225 for non-members.

Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior and Buckley Productions, Inc. (IAHB) 

IAHB offers a home study course and examination.  The approximate cost is $289. Web Site:

International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (ICRC)      

IC&RC offers an examination that is administered by IC&RC Member Boards on a state to state basis. Web Site:

Program Services Continuing Education

The examination alone can be accessed on-line for $150.  Web Site:

Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA)

Exam approximate cost $125. Web Site:

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