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DOT SAP Advanced Practice Group

Master class for experienced SAPs explores actual cases.

The 2-hour DOT SAP Advanced Practice Group is a great way to stay up to date on changes to the regulations and guidelines. This is a forum that encourages discussion of issues, and challenges faced by SAPs in real world cases examples. 

Training Dates:

All start at Noon Eastern time

July 2, 2024
September 3 ,2024

November 5, 2024

You will be able to receive 2 CEU credits for this master class for experienced SAPs.

Discussions will be far ranging. Participants are encouraged to present cases. Sessions will include regulatory updates, types of tests and test technology, substances tested, testing procedures and consequences of positive tests. The SAP role is explored from conducting assessments, managing resistance, to determining levels of care.

July 2nd - Closed

September 3rd - 12:00 PM EST

November 5th - 12:00 PM EST

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